A Leader for the People


In 2010, former Vice-President Joe Biden visited Africa and became aware of the continuing violent upheavals and threats in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). VP Biden understood that the DRC's number one problem is peace and security, and without it, economic development cannot occur. He assured Africa's leaders in Nairobi and Pretoria of America's full commitment to peace and security in the continent. 

In 2014, Dr. Jill Biden, VP Biden's wife, visited the DRC as one of the three countries on her trip to Africa. The trip highlighted the integral role women play in the development and sustaining of economic growth. Dr. Biden's trip to the DRC was centered on improving women's participation in government and the economy by expanding access to education for women and girls. 

During her trip, Dr. Biden met with the former First Lady, who led a foundation that supports female entrepreneurs who are creating their own successful businesses, along with multiple female parliamentarians and aspiring political leaders to discuss their efforts in politically empowering Congolese women. 

Dr. Biden also traveled to Bukavu, where she met with students enrolled in USAID-support Accelerated Learning Programs (ALP). This meeting encouraged Biden to reinforce the U.S.'s commitment to supporting at-risk students and vulnerable adolescent girls in eastern DRC. 

VP and Dr. Biden are dedicated to the development and prosperity of the DRC. VP Biden is especially committed to empowering women and granting equal access to education and opportunities to underserved and destabilized communities. By voting for Joe Biden, we stand to elect a leader who already has an interest in establishing a prosperous and strong relationship between the DRC and the U.S.

As Congolese-Americans, we must empower our fellow Congolese and uplift those who support us. 

Make that a reality today. Join us and vote for VP Biden!